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What is HTP?

HTP (High-Tech Park) in Belarus is a visionary initiative, established to boost the country’s IT industry onto the global stage. It’s not just a physical location; it’s a dynamic ecosystem where innovation thrives. HTP offers a range of benefits to tech companies, including tax incentives, legal support, and access to modern infrastructure.

By fostering collaboration and creativity, HTP has become a magnet for both startups and established tech leaders alike, driving forward Belarus’s reputation as a leading tech hub in Eastern Europe.

Grow your team in Belarus

Belarus is emerging as a top destination for tech talent, and HTP provides the perfect getaway for companies looking to tap into this vibrant pool of professionals. With remote work becoming increasingly prevalent, Belarus offers a unique blend of affordability and expertise.

Whether you’re a startup looking to scale rapidly or an established firm seeking to diversify your talent base, HTP offers the resources and support needed to grow your team efficiently and effectively.

HTP in Belarus

Cut down costs with HTP in Belarus 

One of the most appealing aspects of HTP is its cost-effectiveness. Belarus offers competitive operating costs compared to other tech hubs, making it an attractive option for companies looking to optimize their expenses. Additionally, HTP provides tax benefits and streamlined administrative processes, further reducing the financial burden on businesses.

By leveraging these advantages, companies can allocate more resources towards innovation and growth, ensuring long-term sustainability and success.

No problems with working with the team 

Collaborating with teams based in Belarus through HTP is a seamless experience thanks to the country’s strong infrastructure and supportive business environment. Communication barriers are minimized through modern communication tools and English proficiency among tech professionals. Moreover, cultural compatibility fosters smooth collaboration and mutual understanding.

With HTP’s comprehensive support services and experienced professionals, any potential challenges that arise can be swiftly addressed, ensuring productive and harmonious teamwork.

Advantages of Joining HTP

Hassle-free employee recruitment

Hassle-free employee recruitment

Access top-tier talent seamlessly, navigating through recruitment procedures effortlessly within HTP’s supportive framework.
Streamlined taxation within HTP

Streamlined taxation within HTP

Harness the advantages of simplified tax procedures within HTP, ensuring smooth compliance and financial management.
Reduced payroll taxes in HTP

Reduced payroll taxes in HTP

Experience a significant reduction in operational costs with lower payroll taxes, optimizing resources for growth within HTP.
Favorable taxation on cryptocurrency operations within HTP

Favorable taxation on cryptocurrency operations within HTP

Explore new opportunities in the digital realm with tax incentives on cryptocurrency transactions exclusively available within HTP.
Simplified visa and migration for foreign specialists

Simplified visa and migration for foreign specialists

Facilitate the international expansion of your team with ease, benefiting from simplified visa and migration processes tailored for foreign specialists within HTP.
Streamlined reporting and documentation processes

Streamlined reporting and documentation processes

Streamline administrative tasks and enhance efficiency with HTP’s user-friendly reporting and document management systems, freeing up time for core business activities.

How to
enter HTP

1. Determine activities according to the HTP list

Carefully assess your business activities to ensure they align with the sectors approved by HTP.

2. Take decision to join the HTP

Decide if joining HTP is the right move for your business, based on a thorough evaluation of the benefits, opportunities, and challenges.

3. Prepare documents for registration

Gather all required documentation for the registration process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with HTP’s requirements.

4. Create a business plan

Plan out your business goals and strategies outlining your company’s mission, objectives, strategies, and implementation plans in detail.

5. Submit documents for registration

Send in your paperwork HTP’s administrative office or online portal to officially register your business with HTP.

6. Join and start acting

Once approved, you’re in! Start operating as an official member of HTP, taking advantage of the opportunities and resources available

We can manage the whole process of IT Recruitment in Belarus.

How we can help

HTP recruitment services

HTP recruitment services

Discover top talent effortlessly with our comprehensive HTP recruitment services, tailored to your specific needs.
HTP payroll management

HTP payroll management

Simplify payroll management with our efficient HTP employee payment solutions, ensuring timely and accurate compensation.
Joining HTP assistance

Joining HTP assistance

Let us guide your journey into HTP with expert assistance and personalized support throughout the registration process.
Developing the business project for entering HTP

Developing the business project for entering HTP

We can help you to unlock the potential of your company with robust business projects optimized for success within HTP.
HTP management organization services

HTP management organization services

Partner with us for comprehensive HTP management organization services, ensuring compliance and success.
HTP company liquidation or exit

HTP company liquidation or exit

Trust us for a hassle-free HTP company liquidation process, handled with care and expertise.

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How can I join HTP?

To become a member of HTP, you need to meet certain criteria and go through the registration process outlined by the park’s administration. This includes preparing the necessary documents, submitting an application, and meeting the requirements set forth by HTP.

What are the advantages of joining HTP compared to other tech hubs?

HTP offers a supportive ecosystem specifically tailored to the needs of technology companies, including tax incentives, access to a skilled workforce, and a favorable regulatory environment.

How long does it typically take to complete the registration process and become an HTP resident?

The registration process can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the applicant’s business activities and the volume of applications being processed. However, it generally takes several weeks to several months to complete.

What are the steps for hiring employees in Belarus?

Hiring employees in Belarus involves several steps, including obtaining work permits for foreign nationals, registering with the relevant authorities, and adhering to labor laws and regulations regarding employee rights and benefits.

How do I pay employee salaries in Belarus?

Employee salaries in Belarus are typically paid through bank transfers, with employers responsible for deducting income tax and social security contributions from employees’ wages in accordance with the country’s tax laws.


What are the main types of activities permitted for HTP residents?

HTP residents are primarily engaged in activities related to software development, IT services, and research and development in the field of information technology. However, the park also accommodates companies involved in related industries such as telecommunications and electronics.

What support does HTP provide?

HTP offers a range of support services, including access to mentoring and networking opportunities, assistance with business development and marketing, and access to funding and investment resources.

What services does the HTP management organization provide?

The HTP management organization offers a range of support services to residents, including assistance with administrative procedures, access to infrastructure and facilities, and networking opportunities within the tech community.

What tax benefits are available to HTP residents?

HTP residents enjoy preferential tax treatment, including exemptions from certain taxes and reduced rates on corporate income tax, personal income tax, and value-added tax (VAT), among others.

Who is eligible to become an HTP resident?

Companies and individuals engaged in high-tech activities, including software development, IT services, and related research and development, are eligible to apply for HTP residency.

Can HTP residents collaborate with other companies and organizations within the park?

Yes, HTP encourages collaboration and networking among residents through various events, workshops, and initiatives designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and partnership opportunities.

What measures does HTP take to ensure the security of intellectual property and confidential information?

HTP has strict policies and procedures in place to safeguard intellectual property and confidential information, including non-disclosure agreements, secure data storage systems, and regular security audits.

Under what circumstances may an individual or company be excluded from HTP residency?

HTP residency may be revoked if a resident fails to comply with the park’s regulations, breaches their contractual obligations, or engages in illegal or unethical behavior. Additionally, residency may be terminated if a resident no longer meets the eligibility criteria or ceases to operate within the park.

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