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Labor productivity indicators

How do Labor Productivity Affect the Organization’s Economy

19 July, 2024 by John Doe

Labor productivity is a critical metric for businesses aiming to achieve high efficiency and growth. Understanding how to calculate productivity…

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offshore development center in Minsk

What is IT Outstaffing?

27 May by John Doe

A successful business presupposes the presence of qualified employees who can fulfill their tasks and improve their skills. However, companies…

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Principles of Legislation on Personal Data in Belarus

17 May by John Doe

Personal data in Belarus includes any information that allows you to identify a particular person, such as name, address, phone…

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IT Outstuffing in Belarus

Maximizing Business Potential with IT Outstaffing: A Comprehensive Guide

10 May by John Doe

Now agility and innovation are paramount, companies are on a perpetual quest for strategies that optimize operations and confer a…

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What are remote work benefits in Belarus

What are remote work benefits?

03 May by John Doe

Remote work has become a crucial part of our lives in the past several years. Even 10-15 years ago, we…

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How to make a CV in Belarus

How to Make a CV for a Job in Belarus

26 April by John Doe

Landing your dream job in Belarus starts with a powerful CV, your key to unlocking exciting professional opportunities. This comprehensive…

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income tax agents in Belarus

Who are Income Tax Agents in Belarus

19 April by John Doe

In Belarus, tax agents responsible for paying income tax help to comply with tax legislation. In this article, we will…

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Income tax in Belarus

Income Tax Declaration of IT Specialists

12 April by John Doe

Usually, employers pay the tax on personal income. However, there are sometimes situations when an individual working in the IT…

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Accounting services for IT companies in Belarus

Accounting services for IT companies in Belarus

05 April by John Doe

Accounting services for IT in Belarus include expert support in accounting, taxation, personnel accounting, financial analysis services and investments in…

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