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Quick Entry into the Belarusian Market through EOR Services
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24 June   John Doe  
EOR services Minsk

Quick Entry into the Belarusian Market through EOR Services

EOR (Employer of Record) services are an effective tool to minimize time and financial costs in Belarus. This approach allows…

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EOR (Employer of Record) services are an effective tool to minimize time and financial costs in Belarus. This approach allows foreign companies to start their activities quickly, focusing on the strategic aspects of business development and bypassing the difficulties associated with hiring employees and staffing.

What are the features of EOR

EOR, or Employer of Record, is a service in which a specialized recruitment company assumes legal responsibility for the employment. At the same time, the employees work for another company, which is a client of the recruiting company.

Main features of EOR services

1. Legal Liability
The EOR company drafts employment contracts, calculates and pays salaries, and fulfills all legal obligations related to employment, such as paying taxes and social insurance contributions.

2. The flexibility
EOR is convenient for companies that want to expand their business in new regions or countries without creating a legal entity.

3. Risk management
EOR helps minimize the risks associated with local labour laws and regulations since a company entering a new market does not need to heed local legislation. Instead, the recruitment company provides expertise and complies with all legal requirements.

4. Cost reduction
With EOR, you can avoid the costs of creating and maintaining your own HR and accounting departments in different jurisdictions.

5. Focus on business
Companies can focus on their core business processes, leaving all labour law issues and personnel management to EOR.

This approach is often used for short-term projects, international recruitment, and testing new markets without significant financial and legal investments.

EOR services in Belarus

What are the advantages of entering the Belarusian market through EOR

Foreign companies can gain several advantages and simplify launching their business by entering the Belarusian market through the Employer of Record (EOR). Some of the main benefits include:

1. Reduction of administrative barriers
Instead of creating a division in Belarus and carrying out all registration and personnel management procedures independently, companies can use EOR services to launch their activities quickly and conveniently.

2. Compliance with local laws
EOR ensures that the company complies with all local labour laws and regulations and pays payroll taxes fully and timely, avoiding fines and other problems with the authorities.

3. Risk management
EOR provides expert support and helps cope with local personnel management risks, including taxation, social insurance, and other aspects.

4. Flexibility and scalability
With the help of EOR, foreign companies can quickly adapt to market changes and scale their business in Belarus without significant difficulties.

5. Saving time and resources
Using EOR services, foreign companies can focus on core business processes instead of spending time on personnel management and administration of processes related to hiring and firing employees.

Thus, by entering the Belarusian market through EOR, foreign companies can quickly and effectively start their activities in a new market, minimizing risks and simplifying the process.

EOR services for Belarus 

EOR services for Belarus may include a wide range of services related to recruitment and personnel management and compliance with labour relations legislation. The following are the primary EOR services that can be provided to companies to enter the Belarusian market:

1. Company registration
Assistance in registration and establishing a legal entity in Belarus for activities in the country.

2. Personnel management
Support in the search, hiring, management and dismissal of personnel following local legislation requirements.

3. Registration of employment contracts and documentation
Providing services for preparing and concluding employment contracts and maintaining all necessary documentation.

4. Accounting and payment of wages
Provision of services for recording working hours, calculating wages, paying salaries to employees, paying payroll taxes and mandatory payments.

5. Compliance with tax legislation, state insurance
Ensuring payment of all local taxes and mandatory payments, including payroll taxes, income tax, social insurance, etc.

6. Risk management and compliance with safety standards
Assistance in managing risks related to labour relations and compliance with workplace safety standards, conducting mandatory briefings and maintaining labour protection documentation.

7. Professional advice and support
Providing advice and expert support on all issues related to personnel management in Belarus.

8. Assistance in obtaining visas
If necessary, EOR services can include assistance in obtaining visas for employees who need visas to work in Belarus.

9. Assistance in employee insurance
In addition to compulsory state social insurance in Belarus, there is voluntary insurance for employees: medical, health, and property insurance. If necessary, we assist not only in compulsory insurance but also in voluntary insurance.

Thus, EOR services for Belarus allow foreign companies to enter the market conveniently, ensuring full compliance with legislation and professional support in personnel management and other business aspects.

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How can a company plan a budget to receive EOR services in Belarus

For foreign companies wishing to enter the Belarusian market, planning the budget for obtaining EOR services is essential. Below are some steps that will help you plan a budget for EOR services:

1. Study the list of services
The first step is to study the services EOR companies provide in Belarus. This will help you understand exactly what services you need and what costs will be associated with each.

2. Assessment of payments
Evaluate all the payments you must make for EOR services, including the cost of registering a company (if necessary), government fees, recruitment company commissions for personnel management, payment for professional consultations and other expenses.

3. Accounting for personnel costs
Consider the salary costs of employees managed through EOR, social contributions, payroll taxes and other mandatory payments.

4. Provision for unexpected expenses
Consider the reserve for unexpected expenses, such as additional costs for consultations or other unusual situations.

5. Comparison of offers
Compare the offers of various EOR companies to choose the most suitable one in terms of cost and quality of services.

6. Long-term planning
Plan your budget for the long term, considering possible changes in legislation, business growth and other factors.

By planning a budget for EOR services in Belarus, a foreign company can accurately assess all the costs of entering the country’s market and prepare for the successful development of its business.

How do we interact with the customer when providing EOR services

When providing EOR services, we interact with the customer carefully and professionally to ensure an effective solution to the customer’s needs. This is how the interaction usually happens:

1. Consultation and analysis of the customer’s needs
First, we consult with the customer to understand the requirements, expectations and specific needs in personnel management. During these meetings, key success indicators and the tasks’ specifics are determined.

2. Providing information about EOR services
We provide the customer with detailed information about what EOR services we can offer in a particular situation, how these services can help in personnel management and what benefits they can bring to the customer’s business.

3. Agreement on terms and cost
After the customer selects the necessary EOR services, we discuss the terms of cooperation, cost structure and contractual obligations. We come to an agreement on the price and terms of the contract.

4. Support and maintenance
After signing the contract, we provide the customer with support and service throughout the entire period of cooperation. We provide process monitoring, human resources management, workflow support and other aspects of human resources management.

5. Regular updates and reporting
We communicate regularly with the customer, provide the necessary reports and updates on task completion, and recommend improvements and optimization of processes.

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EOR services Minsk

Quick Entry into the Belarusian Market through EOR Services

24 June by John Doe

EOR (Employer of Record) services are an effective tool to minimize time and financial costs in Belarus. This approach allows…

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