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Accounting services for IT companies in Belarus
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05 April   John Doe  
Accounting services for IT companies in Belarus

Accounting services for IT companies in Belarus

Accounting services for IT in Belarus include expert support in accounting, taxation, personnel accounting, financial analysis services and investments in…

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Accounting services for IT in Belarus include expert support in accounting, taxation, personnel accounting, financial analysis services and investments in Belarusian companies, helping them comply with legislation and optimize financial processes.

What accounting services can be included for IT companies in Belarus

  • Accounting of income and expense transactions, preparation of financial and tax statements, and other aspects of accounting are included in the accounting service.
  • Assistance in optimizing tax payments and compliance with tax legislation, including the specifics of taxation of IT companies, is provided as part of tax support.
  • Financial consulting includes planning financial flows, calculating tax burdens, analyzing the profitability of projects and other economic aspects.
  • Assistance in optimizing accounting and financial processes, taking into account the specifics of IT companies’ activities, aims to improve work efficiency.
  • Such services allow IT companies to focus on their business and entrust accounting and financial issues to experienced specialists.
  • Ensuring funds transfer to and from Belarus is also included in the services provided.

More than just accounting

Our service is a bit different than HR Consulting services. Our can handle everything with care for your business.

What to pay attention to when agreeing on outsourcing accounting

It is important to include specific services that will be outsourced in the contract. For example:

  • Development of accounting policy;
  • Checking and reconciliation of accounts and settlements;
  • Preparation of payment documents and financial transactions;
  • Payroll calculations;
  • Preparation of tax returns and accounting and reporting.

Features of HR records management in IT companies

HR management for IT companies in Belarus covers a wide range of services related to personnel management. Considering the peculiarities of IT companies, which often have teams of specialists and work with clients from all over the world, HR records management is becoming one of the main components of a successful company.

Services that may include HR records management for IT companies

HR administration for IT companies covers the following areas:

  • Personnel management: includes creating and implementing employee motivation, assessment and development systems, planning of personnel needs and recruitment of new employees.
  • Documentation and accounting: registration of employment contracts, hiring and firing of employees, vacation administration, preparing documents for working with international clients and other aspects.
  • HR accounting management: This includes maintaining information about employees, their working hours, wages, vacations, and other labour issues.
  • Compliance with legislation: HR specialists ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations of Belarus, which avoids possible legal problems.
  • Payroll and tax accounting: Properly managing salaries, taxes, and insurance contributions for both local and foreign employees is an essential part of HR administration.

We specialise in providing human resource management services for IT companies, helping them comply with modern standards and requirements. Our work allows IT companies to focus on developing their business while our HR specialists ensure effective personnel management.

The most common issues that are outsourced are:

  1. Conducting an audit of personnel records.
  2. Organization of recruitment, dismissal, and transfers of employees.
  3. Registration of documents and management of personal files of employees.
  4. Create a list of employee responsibilities.
  5. Preparation of job certificates and other necessary documents for employees.
  6. Preparation and reporting in the field of human resources.
  7. Keeping records of military service and other services.
Accounting services for IT companies in Belarus

How we interact with IT companies on HR management issues

We are signing an outsourcing agreement with you. What we define in the contract:

  1. The list of personnel services and works provided by the IT company.
  2. Deadlines and a list of necessary documents for the transfer by the IT company.
  3. Resources to which the customer provides access to the outsourcer, ways to provide data and information to the outsourcing company.
  4. The procedure for submitting applications from the customer.

After the IT company signs a contract with us, its director issues an order to transfer accounting and HR records management to the outsourcing company. We will arrange this document for you.

When outsourcing HR records management, an IT company processes employees’ personal data. If necessary, the outsourcer can be an authorised person. In this case, the following conditions are included in the contract:

  • Regulations for the processing of personal data.
  • The amount of personal data transferred to the outsourcer, the timing of the transfer, the purpose of processing, and the list of actions performed with personal data.
  • The procedure for ensuring the security and storage of personal data.
  • Signing of a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.

If the relationship with the outsourcer is not extended, the processing of personal data is terminated, and they are deleted.

One of the terms of the agreement is the terms and procedure of payment for each reporting period or for another period that we have defined in the agreement.

We are ready to conclude an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with you – a service level agreement that includes a description of the quality requirements for the work and services provided.

How do we interact with your company after signing an agreement 

Initially, the transfer of accounting and reporting documents is formalised by acceptance and transfer. Later, you can use the registry to process the transfer of documents.

After the conclusion of the contract for the provision of outsourcing accounting and human resources services, we begin to fulfil the obligations to maintain the customer’s accounting and personnel records, as stipulated in the contract.

We appoint specialists who work with the client and regularly provide the customer with reports on the services rendered, the completion of work on time and their quality.

Our specialist interacts with the client in the following way:

  1. They advise: Our specialists are ready to inform the client on accounting, personnel accounting, and paperwork to help with tax issues.
  2. Interact: our specialists regularly exchange information with the client, receive from him the necessary documentation for accounting and personnel records, and also provide the client with reports on the work done.
  3. Develop and update contracts: our specialists assist the client in developing and updating contracts and contracts with employees and keep records of employment contracts and other personnel documents.
  4. Coordinate accounting operations: Our specialists cooperate with the client to plan and coordinate accounting and personnel accounting operations and find out the specifics of the company’s activities that may affect accounting.
  5. They support you: Our specialists are always ready to provide constant support to the client, answer questions, help resolve difficult situations, and give recommendations on accounting and personnel accounting.

Our employees effectively cooperate with the client, ensuring professional and high-quality performance of accounting and human resources services and responding to the customer’s needs and requirements.

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